Wheelchair Hot Air Balloon Flights

There are a limited number of balloon operators providing balloon flights for wheelchair users. Specially constructed baskets enable the carriage of wheelchair passengers and an assisting person when they fly. Flights are usually made in the early morning when wind conditions are lighter and a more gentle take off and landing can be expected. Do bear in mind that in the UK wheelchair balloon flights may be cancelled due to weather as it is obviously important to make sure conditions are ideal. This will be less of an issue in Italy – see below.

The Wheelchair passenger enters the basket via a side door or ramp engineered into the balloon basket side. Once in the basket, the wheelchair is secured by the balloon ground crew to an adjustable floor mounting system, usually using straps. There is also a harness for the passenger in the wheelchair so that they are secure in the wheelchair. Space around the passenger in the wheelchair enables the accompanying passenger to stand in the basket for the flight and assist in the entry before take-off and the exit after landing. The two balloon operators below have the latest design of balloon basket for wheelchair users with panoramic side and end windows to enhance the viewing experience.

For wheelchair flights in the UK try Adventure Balloons and if you have the time to get out to Tuscany in Italy you can fly with Balloon in Tuscany

Wheelchair Balloon Basket

Balloon Basket with Wheelchair user in position
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